Races of Rhuun

Core Races

  • Humans
    • After allied forces of the humans, dwarves, and elves cast the forces of darkness into the Lost Wilds 500 years ago, the humans established themselves as the dominant power of the region with the Kingdom of Rhuun. Though the alliances held through the first century, the elves and the humans have developed a long-standing animosity over the deforestation that the human industrial machine is causing.
  • Dwarves
    • Mountain Dwarves
      • The hardy Dwarves of the Calcas mountain range have been staunch allies of the good races of Rhuun for millenia. Around a century ago, however, they shut the doors of their two great kingdoms, Kal-Kazdun and Rostegdun with no warning, and there has been no word from them since.
    • Hill Dwarves
      • Modifiers +2 Con +2 Charisma -2 Wisdom
      • In contrast to the kingdoms of the Mountain dwarves, the tribal hill dwarves lead far less structured lives. They live in small communities on the northeastern borderland of Rhuun, and are known for being wild and boisterous. They have an ancient distrust of the wood elves of the Senthal Forest to the south, but are relatively amiable with the humans, especially other border-dwellers.
  • Elves
    • Wood Elves
      • Modifiers +2 Dexterity +2 Wisdom -2 Charisma
      • 500 years ago, the wood elves of the Senthal Forest allied themselves with the humans, dwarves, and other races of the region to throw back the forces of darkness that had overrun the region in the previous centuries. After the victory however, the elves’ relationship with the other races has slowly declined. They share an old feud with the dwarves (especially the hill dwarves), and the humans have clear-cut a large portion of the forest, leading to escalated tensions that are not quite open war.
    • High Elves
      • A thousand years ago, the high elves ruled empires spanning the entirety of Corteros. The ages were not kind to them however, and their numbers have slowly dwindled through the millennium. Now, at least on Goldiir, they number few, and have no settlements of their own. Most choose to live in large human cities, working in arcane academies and labs. Most high elves find their wood elf brethren rough and uncivilized, but still treat them with kindness due to their shared blood.
  • Halflings
    • Halflings are relatively sedentary creatures, who rarely travel more than 20 miles from their place of birth. They only have one large settlement on Goldiir, Smallbridge, but small burrows dot the country side, especially near the mountains. Halflings are always very hospitable to travelers (as long as they don’t overstay their welcome) and are renowned as fantastic cooks. There are always a handful of halflings who take to wandering, however, and they are generally incredibly enthusiastic about seeing the world.
  • Gnomes
    • In contrast to halflings, gnomes rarely stay in place for long. They are wanderers by nature, and have no cities or even villages in Rhuun. Those who do choose to settle down find homes among the settlements of other races, who welcome them for their brillant skills in crafting. The gnomes and halflings have a strained relationship, with the gnomes seeing the halflings as stodgy and boring, while the halflings see the gnomes as wild and childish.
  • Half-Elves
    • Half-elves in Rhuun led relatively normal lives in Rhuun, dwelling in human or elvish communities like most of the other residents. However, with the recent human-elf conflicts, the half-elves are facing racial stigmas from both communities. This has forced many half-elves to take up lives on the road, or migrate to more metropolitan areas where they hope to blend into the city crowd.
  • Half-Orcs
    • Few people in Rhuun face as much social prejudice as half-orcs. Often seen as the spawn of evil beasts, most half-orcs in human communities find themselves living in slums or ghettos, working poor paying manual labor jobs just to scrape by. There are rumors of refuge villages populated solely by half-orcs, but they are few and far between. Among the orcs they fare slightly better, assuming they survive into adulthood; since they are often more cunning than their orc progenitors, they serve as tacticians or commanders for orcish hordes.

Monstrous Races

  • Goblins
  • Orcs

Races of Rhuun

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