Goldiir is one of the five continents on the world of Corteros.


Goldiir’s western half is very hilly, leading up into a large chain of mountains that straddles the lion’s share of the west coast. The terrain levels out as you head east, with swamps, forest, and grassland being more prominent. One volcano is known to be active in the northern potion of Goldiir, somewhere in the Lost Wilds


The climate on the continent runs the gamut between arctic to jungle, to most things in between. The southmost region is largely dominated buy tundra and ice, and it gradually warms up as you move north. The center of the continent is primarily green, fertile land, while the northern tip is dominated by a rocky desert and a jungle.


Goldiir is divided into roughly three primary regions: The southern Vrikal, the middle Rhuun, and the northern Lost Wilds. Vrikal and Rhuun are both dominated by large human kingdoms, while the Lost Wilds are uncharted and populated by goblins, orcs, orges, and other dark creatures.


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